General Terms and Conditions



  • Buycool is 100% registered business and is located in Australia. All stocks sold are based in Australia.
  • Buycool is a trusted online business with professional I.T and warehouse operations. Our buyers source deals locally and internationally with large volume and low cost price to make sure that we pass the great savings to you.
  • Buycool has thousands happy customers and our aim is to provide great product with great price and great service.
  • This site provides two methods of purchasing goods ĘC direct sale and auction. Different terms and conditions apply to each type of sale.
  • When using this site buyers and bidders agree to all conditions of Buycool including Warranty Policy, Compensation Policy, Shipping Policy, Purchasing Policy and Procedures and Payment Procedures.
  • Buycool adheres to all trading rules applied by eBay.
  • Buycool makes every effort to ensure that product descriptions on our website are accurate. However some inaccuracies, typographical errors or misinterpretations may occur. Buycool eserves the right to correct such inaccuracies or typographical errors as they are identified.
  • All depictions contained on the website are for illustration purposes only. Actual products supplied may be of different size and or color.


  • Buycool appreciates feedback on our products and services.
  • Please do not leave neutral or negative feedback without contacting with us to solve the issue.
  • The negative feedback is simply not helpful between buyer and seller. We aim to help our customer and provide happy services for you.
  • We suggest our buyers leave their feedback after the items they have purchased have been received.When we receive positive feedback from a buyer, we will leave a positive feedback to the buyer on the same day

Warranty Policy:

  • Overall
    • For assistance with warranty and returns please email us before you return anything.
  • Warranty terms
    • Products which are refurbished or second hand maybe offered less than 12months warranty, e.g. it could be 30 day, 60 days or 90 days. Some clearance items may not carry out any warranty services at all due to the deals we got from our vendors. However, buycoolaustralia will make sure that we address the warranty terms clearly in product description or in the sale. User should be aware that you automatically accept the warranty terms and conditions when you bought the item.
  • Return to Base Warranty
    • For all faulty items with a Return to Base warranty , buyers must contact us by e-mail. We will send a form to the buyer to complete and kindly send the form back to us together with the faulty item. Please Note: For all returned non-faulty items (identified by our technical department), the buyer is responsible for shipping and handling fee for re-sending the item back to buye r(**We have NO responsibility on the shipping and handling fee on any returned items. If buyer sends back the item by C.O.D. service, item will NOT be accepted).
  • Manufacturer Warranty
    • For product advertised and sold with a manufacturer's warranty, it is more efficient if you first contact the manufacturer or their representative for replacement or repair under the warranty terms.
    • If the manufacturer does not comply, or is unable to comply with its warranty, our Customer Service representatives will determine whether the product does, or does not, meet the above warranties and conditions. If not we will, at your discretion
      • replace the product,
      • have the product repaired or
      • issue a refund or credit for the product.
    • Any claim should be made to Buycool as soon as possible after the identification of the breach of the warranties and conditions. Customer Service Team will consider each claim on its merits on a case by case basis.
  • Warranty Exceptions
    • Buycool does not provide a refund, credit or exchange if you have
      • changed your mind, decided you no longer want the products or just don't like them, or found that products are the wrong size or colour
      • found you can buy the same or similar products elsewhere for a cheaper price
      • had a defect drawn to your attention before you purchased products, for example, when products are clearly labelled as seconds or faulty.